Ateliê do Gesto is an internationally recognized scenic production group based in Goiania directed by Daniel Calvet and João Paulo Gross.


The group was born from the search for new perceptions and dialogues with other artistic languages ​​in the moving body. Through aesthetic identifications and the desire to work on an authorial project, João Paulo Gross and Daniel Calvet (artists with established careers and passages in important dance companies in Brazil), came together to research the body, starting from the movement and his dramaturgical construction on the scene.


From this meeting was born “O Crivo”, a show that founded the group and won the Funarte Prize of Dance Klauss Vianna 2015, the Goias State Art and Culture Fund 2015, circulating in the five regions of Brazil, Czech Republic, Chile, Costa Rica , France, Peru, Ecuador and Singapore and led the group to receive the 2017 Cultural Outstanding Diploma by the government of Goiás.


Currently the group has 5 productions in its repertoire and several actions in the areas of diffusion and dance training.


The goal of Ateliê's work is the creation of a dance research that can transit and receive collaborations from other areas of artistic making, building a language of the group and creating an affective bond with our audience. A space of thought so that we can contribute to the identification of what makes us more human through Brazilian culture.